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When it comes to drinking water – tap water is the best choice for your health, the environment and your hip pocket.

We all know drinking water is a better choice for our body than sugary beverages – but did you know the water that comes from our taps is some of the highest quality water around?

For customers in the MidCoast region, the choice is made easier by the knowledge the water is not just safe quality water – it is also award winning! The water produced by the Bootawa Water Treatment Plant, which is supplied from Crowdy Head in the north to Tarbuck Bay in the south, has been named the best tasting water in NSW and Queensland.

We have invested millions of dollars in recent years improving water treatment for our customers, with new water treatment plants for the Manning and Tea Gardens schemes. Improvements have also been made to water treatment in our smaller areas and work is currently underway on an upgrade to the Gloucester treatment plant.

The quality of tap water is highly regulated and there are a number of quality control processes in place to ensure it is of the highest quality.

However the quality isn’t the only reason to choose tap water – with bottled water up to 2,000 times dearer than tap water it makes financial sense to turn on a tap when you are thirsty.

Choosing tap water over bottled water not only has some great health and cost benefits for our community, it also delivers some real benefits for the environment.

Every year Australians spend more than $680 million on bottled water and at least 20 percent of the plastic bottles end up as landfill or litter. Using tap water, and refillable bottles when you are on the move, is one way of reducing this impact.

So … tap water – why don’t you give it a go?


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