Enjoy your pool and save water

Saving water doesn't mean not enjoying it!

Along with fitting water saving devices in your home, there are plenty of things you can do around your pool area to save our precious drinking water - and get the most out of what is a fun, family activity in your own backyard.

Cover your pool

Evaporation is a major cause of water loss from your swimming pool. it is important to remember that most evaporation occurs in the early evening. One of the easiest and most effective ways of saving water is to use a pool cover. Without a pool cover, over half the water in your pool can evaporate in a year. There are a number of other benefits too.

A pool cover can:

  • reduce the need to use chemicals
  • reduce algal growth
  • increase the water temperature by reducing heat loss
  • reduce general pool maintenance by catching debris and leaves.

Preventing water loss from splashing

Avoid overfilling your pool as this will prevent your filter from working effectively and will cause water to overflow. The water level should be about half way up the skimmer box opening for the filter to function properly. If you wish to allow the water level of your pool to drop below this, you will need to purchase a T-piece suction line which connects to the skimmer box, allowing the filter to function normally.

You should concentrate on keeping the water in the pool. Try the following:

  • no bombs or getting out of the pool and jumping back in
  • drip dry on the top step so the water goes back into the pool
  • if you need to top up, get those who use the pool to top it up with a bucket after use so they are conscious of the amount of water used.

Regularly check for leaks

Leaks can easily develop in the pool's membrane and piping. Even a small leak can waste 7000 litres per year. These can be difficult to detect so it is recommended that you have your pipes pressure tested on installation of your pool, then once every three years.


  • backwash only when necessary
  • check regularly for cracks and leaks
  • keep the pool and filters clean to reduce frequency of filter backwashing
  • if acid has been used to clean the pool, the water should be neutralised.

How can pool chemicals save water?

By maintaining the correct balance of chemicals in your pool year round, you will prevent your pool water from going green over winter. This means you won't need to empty and refill the pool and it will also prevent you from having to discard polluted water.

Other water saving ideas

Plants - carefully select plants for around the pool to protect your pool from wind, which increases the amount of water lost to evaporation.

Shade cloth - place a shade cloth over the entire pool area. This will reduce evaporation and reduce the risk of sunburn while enjoying your pool.

Skimmer box - keep the water level of your pool halfway up the skimmer opening. Overfilling the pool stops the skimmer working efficiently and wastes water.

Rainwater tank - consider installing a rainwater tank to provide an alternative water supply which can be used to water your garden, wash your car or flush your toilets.