How to pay

Australia Post
Payment may be made at any Australia Post Office by cash, cheque or credit card, by phoning 13 18 16 or by going to Australia Post Billpay. Use the Billpay code and reference number printed on your bill. Telephone payment can be made from your cheque account, savings account, Visa or Mastercard account. Use the Billpay Code and Reference number printed on your bill when prompted.

by credit card
Payment by credit card is available at MidCoast Council administration buildings, at any Australia Post Office or by telephone or on the Internet using Australia Post Billpay or BPAY.

in person
Payment may be made at MidCoast Council administration buildings or at Australia Post - details are available by phoning 1300 133 455.

by mail
Detach payment slip at bottom of account and include this slip with your payment. Cheques should be crossed 'not negotiable' and made payable to MidCoast Water Services. Keep the top portion of the account (with details of cheque, etc.) for your record. No receipts will be issued unless specifically requested.

using BPAY
BPAY is a centralised bill payment service which enables customers of participating financial institutions to pay their account by telephone.
To use BPAY, contact your financial institution and ask for access to their telephone banking service. Once you have access to the service, you simply:

  • Call your financial institution phone banking service
  • Quote the BILLER CODE found in the BPAY box on your account
  • Quote your reference number found in the BPAY box on your account
  • Quote the amount of your bill

Your financial institution then transfers funds from the nominated account straight to us.

  • BPAY can be operated from any nominated bank account, including credit card accounts

by direct debit
Details of what is required to arrange direct transfers from your financial institution can be found on the Direct Debit Request form located on the customer forms page. Please note: payments made other than at MidCoast Water Services may take up to three working days to be credited/cleared from your account.

Centrepay system
The Centrepay system allows customers on social security to have their water and sewerage accounts paid direct to MidCoast Water Services from their pension or other social security payments. The amounts deducted by Centrelink will be forwarded electronically to MidCoast Water Services on a daily basis. This is provided at no cost to you and is voluntary.

Application forms are available online or at Centrelink and MidCoast Council administration buildings. These forms need to be filled out, signed and dated, then sent to a Centrelink office.

An easy way for customers to work out their deduction would be to add up their annual account.
e.g. if your bill was approximately $458 per quarter x 4 = $1832 per year (based on the average account receiving both water and sewer charges)
Then divide by 26 (fortnightly payments per year)

TOTAL = $70 per fortnight

If you are having problems estimating the amount you should be deducting, MidCoast Water Services can discuss with you an appropriate amount to suit your budget. Contact us on 1300 133 455.