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Digital Information and Data - Terms and Conditions
All geospatial information, maps, diagrams, data or other products and services produced or used are for the specific purpose of enabling MidCoast Water to carry out its functions of water supply and sewerage services to the local government area of MidCoast Council (formerly Great Lakes Council, Greater Taree City Council and Gloucester Shire Council).
All maps and/or diagrams produced by MidCoast Water are in good faith and are suitable only for the purpose for which they are created. No guarantee can be given or relied upon, to establish with certainty, the location of any other third party assets or property.
To establish with certainty any relationship with any other portion of land, or underground object advice needs to be obtained from a registered surveyor, legal practitioner or the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI), to determine the location of any such land parcel or infrastructure.
While every effort is made to keep the information, maps, diagrams or other products and services used by MidCoast Water up to date and accurate there are occasions where there may be delays, errors, or omissions, and although all care is taken, no representations are made as to the accuracy or suitability of the information, maps, diagrams or other products. Any use or reliance by an individual or group, who have access to products and services provided by MidCoast Water, should make their own assessment and evaluation as to its suitability and/or application.
To the extent permitted by law, MidCoast Water excludes all warranties, conditions and representations whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise relating in any way for any loss, damage, cost or expense suffered or incurred in relation to the correctness, accuracy, reliability, currency or any other aspect or characteristic of the material provided; and all liability (including for negligence) in respect of any loss or damage (including special indirect or consequential loss or damage) for any costs and expenses or for any claims arising from or in connection with the use of any geospatial information, maps, diagrams, data or other products and services offered or supplied by MidCoast Water.
Trade Mark
The contents of this website, including the software, geospatial information, maps, diagrams, data, text and graphics include trademarks which are protected by copyright under the laws of Australia or are licensed for the exclusive use by MidCoast Water. Except for personal use, private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under copyright legislation, reproduction, transmission, adaptation, distribution, sale, modification or publication or otherwise use of any material is not permitted without prior written consent.
Third Party Links
For the convenience of the user MidCoast Water may provide a link or access to a “Third Party Promotion”. Such links or advertisements appearing on these sites are for the benefit of providing ongoing products and services the terms and conditions of which are supplied by the relevant third party. Dealings with these third parties are solely independent for which MidCoast Water will not be responsible or liable for any part of any such promotion or dealing.
MidCoast Water makes no representation or warranty that the links will not contain references to objectionable material or that in relation to the accuracy or the contents of such be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of any information, goods or services.
MidCoast Water has adopted a policy that is committed to protect personal and private information about individuals which is designed specifically to meet with the privacy standards for dealing with personal information applicable to state and local government agencies and is administered by the NSW Information and Privacy Commision (IPC).
When personal information is collected it must be for a lawful purpose that is directly related to a function or activity of the agency, and the information not be collected by any unlawful means. Reasonable care is taken to ensure that all personal and private information is protected from loss or unauthorised access.
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