Gloucester water supply

MidCoast Water Services provides water to approximately 1700 customers in Gloucester and Barrington.

The Gloucester Water Supply Scheme comprises of a water treatment plant, three reservoirs, seven booster pump stations and one raw water pump station.

The Gloucester Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was originally built in the late 1930s/early 1940s and underwent an upgrade in the 1980s and again in 2016.

Water is drawn from the Barrington River, upstream of Gloucester, and transferred to the Gloucester WTP.

A coagulant is added to the river water as it passes into a clarifier to draw the organic matter particles together. These particles then sink to the bottom and the clean water is taken from the top. The water then undergoes basic sand filtration where the water is drawn through a sand filter to take out finer particles. From the sand filter, the water is treated with chlorine and fluoride before going into a clear water tank, ready to be pumped out to the reservoirs when it is needed.

The water is tested regularly to check the chlorine and fluoride levels, colour, pH and for the presence of metals and bacteria.

More information on the chemicals used in the Gloucester water treatment process is available.

$900,000 Gloucester Water Treatment Plant upgrade

A project to upgrade the Gloucester WTP is currently underway.

Works being undertaken as part of the upgrade include the replacement or renewal of aged and failing mechanical valves, installation of automatic online water quality analysers and replacement of some electrical equipment.

The project will also see the renewal of all of the plant’s chemical dosing systems and various other works to improve work health and safety outcomes.

As a result of the upgrade the water quality produced by the plant will be more reliable. The automation of the treatment process will also increase the plant's efficiency.