EPA requirements

MidCoast Water Services has an obligation under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 to publish monitoring data collected according to the environment protection licence requirements.

We hold 12 licences issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to regulate the operation of our sewage treatments plants. Each licence includes specific monitoring conditions.

Data collected is available here EPA Licence Data

Pollution incident response management plans

MidCoast Water Services' response to pollution incidents are managed and reported according to the MidCoast Water Services Pollution Incident Response management plans developed for each sewage treatment plant holding an EPA licence.

Each plan outlines:

  • hazard identification and risk assessment for each premises and associated sewerage network
  • steps involved in responding to a pollution incident
  • list of personnel responsible for enacting the plan
  • notification procedure with relevant government agencies
  • plan testing and maintenance

All plans are based on this generic version of the pollution incident response management plan

MidCoast Water Services communicates with customers and the community during and following system faults causing pollution incidents via door knocks, letterbox drops, radio announcements, warning signs and media releases where appropriate.

For any operational faults or incidents involving MidCoast Water Services' assets, please contact the 24 hour faults and emergencies line 1300 133 455.