Manning water supply

MidCoast Water Services' main water supply is provided by the Manning scheme.

This scheme serves 90 per cent of our water customers in areas such as Taree, Wingham, Forster, Tuncurry, Pacific Palms, Nabiac, Dyers Crossing, Harrington, Coopernook, Hallidays Point and Lansdowne. Did you know that it has been voted the best tasting water in NSW?

Water is pumped from the Manning River and stored in Bootawa Dam, near Wingham.

This dam supplies water for the entire scheme.

From Bootawa the water is pumped to reservoirs across the Manning and Great lakes for distribution to households in each area.

The Manning water supply system is controlled by a computer network that allows staff to make adjustments to the system from anywhere in the field.

Dam capacity

Bootawa Dam has a capacity of 2200 million litres, and is about 16 metres deep.

To maintain capacity, water is pumped each day from the river to the dam - if the turbidity of the river permits.

After periods of heavy rain river conditions may deteriorate so much that pumping can't take place for several days.

The treatment

The Bootawa Water Treatment Plant  provides membrane filtration to the water from the dam, before it is distributed to customers.

Water security

Long term plans to provide a security of supply include the development of the Nabiac borefield and water treatment plant and the concept of a second water storage at Peg Leg Creek

Catchment management

For more information on the work MidCoast Water Services is undertaking in the catchment check out our Manning Catchment page.