Managing water quality

To ensure we continue to deliver high quality drinking water to our communities we have adopted a Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS).

This system documents our approach to managing water quality from the catchment to the tap.

It shows our commitment to providing safe and reliable drinking water and covers how we manage the quality of water from the catchments, through to our storages, treatment and distribution processes to ensure quality at our customers' taps.

The system has been developed with the involvement of NSW Health and documents our comprehensive management system to ensure the water we supply is maintained both to protect public health and meet regulatory requirements.

The system demonstrates both the operational and monitoring practices we use, and also provides an analysis of water testing results and an assessment of long term trends in drinking water quality.

This document was revised in June 2018. A copy of this revised version can be found here

A summary document is available here

Learn about water quality issues here:

  • If contamination by a pathogen such as bacteria or protozoa occurs, a boil water alert will be issued to affected customers.
  • Blue-green or rusty brown discolouration of the water is often caused by copper and rust from pipes within your home, rather than from the supply itself. Learn more about copper and rust in drinking water.
  • Some people will experience a white scale caused by calcium build up, often noticeable on kettles and shower screens. This can be removed by a weak acid such as vinegar. Calcium in the water relates to water hardness, learn more about hardness on the water quality testing page.