Manning River catchment

The Manning River catchment has a total area of approximately 8,400 km2. It is bounded by the Comboyne and Lansdowne Plateaux, the New England Tablelands, Mount Royal Ranges and Barrington Tops. Within the catchment, MidCoast Water Services extracts water from the Barrington River for the Gloucester-Barrington water supply scheme, and from the Manning River for the Manning scheme. This is the town water source for approximately 90% of our supply.

Map: The Manning River Catchment, with the area upstream of the town water offtake point shaded pale green.

Manning Catchment water source

To protect our water source, MidCoast Water Services has developed the Manning River Catchment Management Program. This identifies 11 priority areas for activities to maintain or enhance water quality and flow in the Manning catchment. These are listed below. Click the links for more information on projects:

  • Continue monitoring water quality and flow
  • Continue research
  • Support existing successful external programs with shared goals
  • On-ground catchment improvements in the Barrington Catchment
  • On-ground catchment improvements in the Barnard River Catchment
  • Make improvements to the Gloucester waste water treatment process
  • Develop the Nabiac Borefield
  • Increase the capacity of Bootawa Dam
  • Provide community education and awareness of catchment health issues
  • Collaborate with other agencies, stakeholders and the community
  • Offset carbon emissions

Download Working with our Catchment: Manning River Catchment Management Program (5 MB)