Water Meter Replacement Program

The water meter replacement program is being undertaken to replace all meters more than 15 years old, and ensure we are obtaining accurate water use readings for your quarterly accounts.
About the program
It has been found that water meters do wear out after extended use, and we regularly test our customers meters to make sure we meet the Australian standards, which state meters should be accurate to within plus or minus two per cent.
Recently our tests have shown older meters are exceeding this standard after about 12-14 years. As a result we have introduced a program to replace all meters after 15 years, which will ensure readings are accurate.
When meters start to fail the readings are often inaccurate, and when this occurs it is in the favour of the customer - in other words, you may have been charged for less water than you have actually been using. As there is a chance your old meter had started to fail, you may find your next MidCoast Water Services account is slightly higher - both in usage and cost - as a result of the improved measurement of your new meter.
The more accurate meters provide equity to customers as currently those customers with older meters are not paying the full amount for their water usage compared to customers with newer meters. 
How it works
MidCoast Water Services will automatically replace all meters over 15 years old. Can Doo Services has been engaged to complete this work under contract for the 2017-18 financial year.
If you are at home when the contractor arrives to undertake the work, they will let you know when they will temporarily disconnect your water to allow removal of the old meter and replacement with the new meter, and when water service is restored. Unless technical difficulties are encountered, the entire process of removal and replacement generally only takes 15 to 20 minutes.
Authority to enter your property for the purpose of replacing the water meter is issued under section 191A of the Local Government Act 1993. The authority is issued to two employees of Can Doo Services. This authority is issued pursuant to the powers conferred on MidCoast Council to exercise its functions for the provision of water supply services within the MidCoast Council local government area.
At no time does the contractor’s employee need to or permitted to enter your house.
If you would like more information on this program please contact us.