Our water catchments

All drinking water that MidCoast Water Services supplies originally comes from a natural water system such as a river or aquifer. What happens to a water drop on the journey between falling as rain within the catchment and reaching the point where it is pumped into our reticulated supply is very important.

If the catchment is 'healthy' the water is more likely to be clean and the flow reliable. In an 'unhealthy' catchment there are often problems like erosion, eutrophication (excess nutrients), bacterial contamination and changes to flow patterns, which all cause trouble for the water supply.

MidCoast Water Services has embraced the 'catchment to tap' philosophy of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. There are catchment management actions which we can take to improve the health of town water at its source and help to secure the important supply of clean drinking water.

Other benefits of good catchment management include clean water for swimming and boating, habitat for fish and other wildlife, and water for agriculture, and many others.

There are many possible catchment management actions available to achieve these benefits, and each should be assessed on a site by site basis for suitability. It includes such projects as riparian fencing and planting, off stream stock watering, sustainable grazing management and improvements to gravel roads and stream crossings.

Usually catchment management work is done in conjunction with other agencies and land holders.


More information:

Catchment management is one part of MidCoast Water Services' sustainable water cycle management plan. Click here for more information.