Plumbing services

Plumbing inspections

MidCoast Water Services is responsible for undertaking plumbing and drainage inspections across the MidCoast Council region. Inspections are required to be undertaken on all plumbing and drainage works which are completed during new builds and renovations for all development types. Note: drainage inspections are only undertaken in sewered areas.

The licenced plumber undertaking the works is required to notify MidCoast Water Services' plumbing inspectors at least one business day prior to an inspection being needed. Inspections are required to be undertaken at a number of stages throughout the construction phase of the development to ensure compliance. A final inspection is also required to be completed prior to the release of the Occupation Certificate by MidCoast Council.

Note: MidCoast Water Services is not responsible for the inspection of drainage works within non-sewered areas. These inspections are still required to be undertaken but are the responsibility of MidCoast Council's Planning and Natural Systems division. More information can be found at

As part of the development process, you will be required to complete a Plumbing Inspection Application (found on the customer forms page) and pay the associated fee.

What is required to be inspected?

All plumbing and drainage works undertaken are required to be inspected including:

  • all new dwellings and renovations which include plumbing work
  • all commercial and industrial developments and extensions which include plumbing and drainage works

These inspections will check compliance for:

  • hot and cold water pipework, fixtures and fittings
  • hot water systems including tempering valves
  • pools, pool pumps and pipework
  • drainage pipework including the surcharge gullies (over-flow gully)
  • backflow prevention devices (boundary protection and zone protection)
  • trade waste infrastructure (for non-domestic wastewater developments)

These inspections ensure that the works completed by the licenced plumber are compliant with the Plumbing Code of Australia and also Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500, giving you peace of mind that your house or business is safely connected to the water and sewer network, ensuring that your family's health and safety is not at risk.

For additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact the MidCoast Water Services' development team on 1300 133 455.