Recycled water schemes

Recycling water for irrigation purposes is a great way to reduce the amount of drinking water our communities use every day.

MidCoast Water Services has embraced this idea and currently operates ten recycled water projects to reduce the use of both groundwater and drinking water being used for irrigation.

We have several recycling schemes operating where the recycled water is used for farm irrigation. These schemes are in Taree, Wingham, Coopernook, Lansdowne and Stroud.

These projects also minimise our impact on the environment and assist us to sustainably manage our community's water resources.

Our recycled water program also involves reusing treated effluent for open space irrigation - such as golf courses and sporting fields - and residential purposes.

Recycled water schemes have more recently been developed for four towns within our service area - Bulahdelah, TuncurryHawks Nest and  Harrington.

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