Lodging sewer service diagrams

From 1 August 2018, there are new rules for lodging sewer service diagrams to MidCoast Water Services.

Sewer service diagrams will need to be submitted on one of NSW Fair Trading's templates - found here

These diagrams will also need to include details of existing drainage and are required to be authorised by the licenced plumbing contractors.

The sewer service diagram, along with the contractors Certificate of Compliance, will be required to be submitted to MidCoast Water Services’ Plumbing Inspector at the time of final inspection.

Please feel free to contact MidCoast Water Service’s Development Group on 1300 133 455 should you have any questions that aren't answered below or require further information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Sewer Service Diagram won’t fit on either A4 or A3?

Where Sewer Service Diagram cannot be drawn onto either A4 or A3, larger paper sizes are permitted (A2 and A1). Where larger sizes beyond A3 are used, these shall be submitted to MidCoast Water electronically as a .PDF document.

As the licenced plumbing contractor do I have to draw the Sewer Service Diagram myself?

No, you do not have to draw the Sewer Service Diagram yourself, however you must authorise it prior to submission to MidCoast Water Services. You may engage a drafting consultant or someone else to complete the Sewer Service Diagram on your behalf.

Does the Sewer Service Diagram have to be drawn to scale?

Yes, the Sewer Service Diagram must be drawn to scale. NSW Fair Trading has preferred scales of 1:100, 1:200, 1:250 and 1:500. Other scales may be utilised, however the range prescribed by NSW Fair Trading should be sufficient for most development types.

Does the Sewer Service Diagram have to include existing drainage details?

Yes, the Sewer Service Diagram must include all details of existing drainage. Where a Sewer Service Diagram of an existing property is not available the licensee conducting new work must investigate the existing work to ensure connection and operation and show the assumed drainage on his Sewer Service Diagram as a dashed line (refer attached NSW Fair Trading Sewer Service Diagram Requirements fact sheet).