Small villages program

There are a number of small communities in the MidCoast Water Services area that do not have access to water and sewerage services.

Seven of these villages have previously been recognised as the highest priority by MidCoast Water Services and the NSW Government for the provision of services.

They are:

  • Stroud Road
  • Coomba Park
  • North Arm Cove
  • Bundabah
  • Allworth
  • Pindimar
  • Nerong

The estimated cost of providing both water and sewerage services to these communities is over $80 million. To provide sewerage services alone would be in the order of $50 million.

At present, the high cost to construct and then operate these water supply and sewerage schemes are unaffordable for both MidCoast Water Services and property owners in the villages, as contributions towards the capital expenditure are required from those who will benefit from the infrastructure.

Funding towards these projects has been sought from the NSW State Government, however the current funding rules result in less than 25% of the total projects cost and therefore do not provide enough support to enable MidCoast Water Services to proceed with the development of infrastructure for these communities.

In April 2016, MidCoast Water Services' board resolved not to submit any further small village sewerage projects for funding assistance until the NSW Government gives further consideration to amending the funding rules. MidCoast Water Services has continued representation to the State Government to press this important issue. 

MidCoast Water Services is continuing some planning activity to ensure we are prepared to proceed, if and when funding becomes available.

Some of the groundwork for the schemes in these villages has been done, as a result of State Government funding provided more than ten years ago. This funding allowed us to investigate the concepts and undertake community consultation for water and sewerage services to the villages mentioned.

MidCoast Water intends to have active community participation in the type of scheme selected and the location of specific assets like treatment plants and pump stations, and will continue working on the concept designs for the schemes including reviewing the options analyses and costings.

Further information on our small communities program is available by accessing the following documents: