The term “subdivision” covers a variety of development activity, from major new housing estates to basic two-lot projects.
This information is mainly concerned with larger subdivision projects, smaller projects are dealt with in the residential development section.


We advise early consultation on all subdivision plans, particularly where water and sewerage services are currently not available. Servicing may not be possible, or water and sewer requirements may affect the proposed lot layout. It is best to address these issues in the preliminary stages.

Developer charges

Developers will be required to cover the full cost of water and sewerage reticulation lines for their subdivision, and to make a contribution towards the cost of community assets, such as reservoirs, treatment plants and pumping stations. The developer charge levied will depend on the number of equivalent tenements (households) proposed. Our development assessment staff can provide estimates of contribution requirements for your project, upon request.

Approved contractors

We will only accept subdivision proposals that are designed, managed and constructed by approved contractors. The designer, project manager and construction firm you choose for your project must have current MidCoast Water Services Industry Accreditation. We can supply a list of accredited companies, upon request.


You should allow up to 14 days for the initial assessment of the project, and up to four weeks for detailed assessment of the water and sewer design, depending on the scale of the project.
MidCoast Water Services must accept both the subdivision layout (including the proposed title for the land) and the construction plan before you can proceed with the work.
You will also be required to lodge a maintenance bond, to cover any remedial works required in the first 12 months.


All water and sewerage assets constructed by developers will be inspected by MidCoast Water Services. You must choose a construction crew that holds current Industry Accreditation and have the work team approved by MidCoast Water Services before you begin.
The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that all work is pre-tested and presented for inspection at the required times.
Our inspectors will oversee the following tests at each subdivision. All tests will be based on the specifications set down in the relevant National Code:

  • Water mains - pressure test
  • Sewer mains - pressure test
  • Manholes -  vacuum test

Water and sewer cut-ins will generally be carried out by MidCoast Water Services staff. Where cut-ins are carried out by contractors, you must follow MidCoast Water Services procedures, including safety requirements for work on asbestos cement (AC) pipelines. No water and sewerage cut-in is to occur without a MidCoast Water Services officer present.

All new water mains will be chlorinated for disinfection before they are commissioned.


Subdivisions cannot be released for sale until MidCoast Council signs off on the project and you obtain a Certificate of Compliance from MidCoast Water Services.
To obtain a certificate, you must:

  • Complete all construction work to the required standard
  • Provide an acceptable Work as Executed plan for the works
  • Ensure all fees have been paid