Water leaks on your property

Concealed leaks that are hidden in walls or underground can go undetected for long periods of time, and can waste thousands of litres of water a day. Concealed leaks on private property are the property owner's responsibility, so we recommend you read your water meter and check for concealed leaks regularly by using the simple steps listed below.

Checking for concealed leaks on your property

Concealed leaks caused by broken or cracked pipes on the customer’s side of the water meter are the responsibility of the property owner. Follow these guidelines to catch leaks early:

  1. Check your property for visible water leaks from taps, toilets, showers and irrigation systems.
  2. Turn off all taps, water appliances and irrigation at your property.
  3. Read the water meter and record the reading. Leave the water meter tap on. (see how to read your meter )
  4. Wait at least one hour before reading your water meter again – remember not to use any water, even to flush the toilet.
  5. If the reading has changed there could be a water leak. Contact a licensed plumber to find and repair the leak. Many leaks occur under the ground and can be difficult to find.

Toilet cistern leaks are common and can be easily checked by following these steps:

  1. Pour food colouring into the toilet cistern.
  2. If colour appears in the toilet bowl before flushing, you have a leak.
  3. Flush as soon as the test has been completed as food colouring may stain the cistern.
  4. We recommend that you regularly check for leaks using these simple steps.

We recommend that you regularly check for leaks using these simple steps.

Leaks on private property are the owner's responsibility and we suggest you contact a licensed plumber to investigate.
water filling the meter box, and
soggy ground surrounding the meter.
Run through the five steps for checking for concealed leaks on your property (above). If all taps and water using appliances are turned off and the meter is still turning a plumber should be called as soon as possible. Water loss can by minimised by temporarily turning off the tap at the meter (turning off all water to the property), however, please ensure this will not have a negative impact on your appliances, e.g. solar systems, before doing so.

Important to note: customers regularly have leaks in excess of 2,000 litres per day with no evidence of water on the surface. Pipes crack underground, often under driveways and walls, and the water simply flows underground and does not surface. It is important for customers to proactively check their water meter for possible leaks on a regular basis.