Water meters

If council's water network is available in your area, you may be able to apply to have the service connected to your home.

In order to have the water service connected at your property, you will need to complete the Water Meter Installation Application form (found on the customer forms page). In some cases, you may need to also provide a locality sketch indicating where you would like the water meter installed on the property (not required for a pre-laid service).

In order to reduce delays in having a service connection provided to your property when you are building a new home, it is advisable to lodge the Water Meter Installation Application form at the same time as you lodge the Local Development Application form and plans.

If you have an existing water meter at your property and you would like to relocate the meter to a new location, you can utilise the same Water Meter Installation Application form and process outlined above to make the changes.

In some instances, where a property has not previously been connected to council's water network and has not paid an access charge, section 64 Developer Contributions may be levied on any development on the land. In order to check if this is applicable to your property, or if you have any questions regarding water service connections, please contact MidCoast Water Servcies Development Group on 1300 133 455.