Water supplies

MidCoast Water Services operates five water supply systems, harvesting in the vicinity of 11 billion of litres per year.

The largest water supply system is the Manning scheme, which provides water for residents from Harrington in the north to Pacific Palms in the south.

We also operate four smaller scale water treatment plants to cater for residents of Stroud and Stroud Road, Bulahdelah, Gloucester and Barrington and Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens.

These supplies currently serve 37,000 households. The forecast is that by 2050 MidCoast Water Services will need to supply water to 50,000 households.

Securing long term water supplies for our customers is one of our major strategies, and considerable investment is being made in upgrading and extending infrastructure to provide for increased demand.

For more information on each water supply, follow the links:

All our water supplies are fluoridated. For more information see water fluoridation