Whizzy's school programs

MidCoast Water Services runs free sessions as both incursions and excursions with schools within our service region. 

We also offer resources, which can be accessed on the Resources for studentsResources for teachers, and Choose Tap at school pages.


Whizzy the Waterdrop visits: preschools

Preschool program

Whizzy and friends usually visit preschools across the region each year to celebrate National Water Week during October, but they are also happy to make a special visit throughout the year pending availability.

Whizzy's helper usually reads children a story which looks at things we can do to save water around our homes. Then the fun really starts - Whizzy arrives and has a sing and play with the children, before leaving them with some important tips on how they can be water-savers!

Preschools receive an expression of interest form in term 3 each year for visits during term 4. If you don't receive it, or for visits at other times of the year, contact education@midcoastwater.com.au




Whizzy's water saving tips poster

Drink tap water with Whizzy poster

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Colouring in activities

W is for water colouring sheet

Letter W colouring sheet

Drink tap with Whizzy colouring sheet 1

Drink tap with Whizzy colouring sheet 2

See also: Choose Tap at school


Whizzy the Waterdrop visits: early primary

Whizzy the waterdropWhizzy the Waterdrop loves to spread his water wise and Choose Tap message - and loves to visit our local primary schools. Whizzy and friends usually visit the primary schools in our region each year during October in celebration of National Water Week, but are also happy to make a special visit throughout the year. Expression of interest forms for term 4 visits are sent out in early term 3 each year.

For more information contact education@midcoastwater.com.au

Colouring in sheets and the Whizzy video of his five water saving tips can be found on the Preschool program page.





Site tours: senior high school students 

Many of MidCoast Water Services' treatment facilities are able to be visited by school groups, including the state of the art Bootawa Water Treatment Plant, our sewage treatment plants and recycled water treatment plants. Chemistry students are also able to have a tour of the MidCoast Water Services Laboratory, located on site at the Bootawa Water Treatment Plant.

Learn more here: School excursions





Whizzy the Waterdrop runs us through his five water saving messages


These resources are also available to local preschools on USB sticks at no charge. Contact education@midcoastwater.com.au to request them.