Your water meter

Don't fence them in

Fences add to your property's value, security and privacy, but they can make access to water meters difficult. Our staff will need to visit your property to read the water meter every three months. We may also need to carry out repairs on your meter. Please consider these issues when installing your new fence. If you have any concerns about access, give us a call.

Don't hide them away

It's important that we have easy access to your water meter. If we can't take a reading, we may have to issue you with an estimated account. Please keep the area around your water meter clear. Don't place obstructions such as caravans, cars, trailers, rubbish bins, cartons etc. around the meter. Be careful when backing your car, caravan or trailer. Accidental collisions can break your meter and flood your front yard! You may be asked to pay for any emergency repairs if this happens.

Keep dogs under control

Most people just love dogs, but they can be a bit protective of their yards. We are concerned for the safety of our meter readers, so if your dog is a little over-protective, we won't be able to come into your yard and read your meter. Also, we may not be able to carry out emergency repairs to your meter. If your dog is not normally restrained during the day, please call us to arrange safe access.

Keep your gardens trim

Healthy gardens are attractive and rewarding, but please spare a thought for the meter reader when selecting plants. Spikey plants, such as rose bushes or cactus, can make life pretty painful when you are trying to read a meter. Overgrown bushes, or shrubs which attract bees, can also be a problem. Please keep the area around your meter clear and accessible.

Your responsibilities

Customers must allow safe access to the metering point and other equipment which remains the property of MidCoast Water Services. If access is restricted, estimated accounts will be issued. These accounts may not accurately reflect your water usage. From the water meter into the home is the responsibility of the property owner. If you think you have a leak or problem, consider contacting a plumber to investigate for you.